Piracy of movies becomes painful for filmmaker websites like Afilmywap pirated movies and netizens to download these movies for free.

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This infamous website manages to leak most of the newly released movies on its website. Several filmmakers and production houses filed a complaint against this website, but these notorious websites continuously leaked movies without hesitation. This piracy of film makes it difficult for to earn proper revenue for filmmakers.

About Afilmywap

Afilmywap is a notorious website that leaks movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, and Tollywood. This website has an extensive collection of movies in several languages like Hindi, Tamil, and English. This website records original movies from theatre and dubbed these movies in different languages like Tamil and Hindi. You will find a subsection under the category section of Today Latest Update Movies. In this subsection, they continuously update the latest movies. This website also provides Tamil dubbed movies in Hindi, Hollywood dubbed movies in Hindi.

How to download movies and TV shows from Afilmywap

As we know, Afilmywap is a piracy website, so downloading movies is risky from this website. If you still want to download movies from this notorious website. You can use a VPN to hide your location because the cybercrime department can track you. In several countries, downloading and watching movies from piracy websites is a serious crime.

  • Change your IP address by downloading and connecting VPN or through a VPN extension.
  • Visit Afilmywap website
  • Choose category
  • Click on the picture of the movie.
  • Now it will show the link to the movie.
  • Click on the link according to quality and size.
  • your download started

Afilmywap in India

Source: Screenshot from Afilmywap

Most of the movies leaked by Afilmywap are in the Indian language, and Hollywood movies are also Hindi dubbed and Tamil dubbed Movies so, most of the visitors come from India. This website has a section of Hollywood English movies but an extensive collection of movies in Indian regional languages make s this website targeting Indian cinema houses. India’s government has taken many steps to ban this type of piracy websites like Afilmywap, Tamil Rockers, YTS, and many more. Afilmywap website continuously changes its domain extension to confront this ban from the government.  When the government bans one website, they started another by just changing their domain extension.

Categories of Afilmywap.best website

This piracy website has an extensive collection of movies from several regional languages so, they divided movies in the category. Netizen can easily find their understandable language movies in the categories. Almost every Indian regional language movies are available on this website. 

  • Today Latest Updated Movies
  • Game of thrones all season Hindi dubbed
  • Unofficial Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies.
  • Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies.
  • Bollywood Hindi movies.
  • South Indian Hindi dubbed movies.
  • Animation Hindi dubbed movies.
  • Punjabi movies
  • Hollywood English movies
  • Marathi full movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Telugu movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Pakistani full movies
  • Bhojpuri full movies
  • Gujrati full movies
  • Bengali movies
  • Hindi Indian TV shows

Download today latest Updated Movies

Afilmywap website provides a category of latest update movies and allows the movie lovers to download these newly released movies easily.

Source: Screenshot from Afilmywap

You can find the latest HD movies of Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu and more. You can easily download these movies. Some movies recently leak by Afilmywap website are as follows Zombie Reddy, Pyar Karle, The Snoopy Show, Wonder Woman 1984 and latest HD free movies to download online.

Download Game of Thrones All Season Dubbed

This free movie download site is also responsible for leaking one of the best Webseries from HBO called Games of Thrones and all-season of this top-class TV Series leaked by Afilmywap website. Apart from leaking games of Thrones, Afilmywap website also Dubbed Games of Thrones in Hindi to download this TV Series without any cost.

Source: Screenshot from Afilmywap

Free Download Unofficial Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie

A category of Unofficial Hollywood movies is also available on this notorious website.

Download Unofficial Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie
Source: Screenshot from Afilmywap

Afilmywap also Dubbed these Unofficial Hollywood Movies in the Hindi language and allowed the netizen to download these Hollywood Hindi movies without any cost. Movies are available in this category: Ghost in The Shell, Yung, Shadow in the Cloud and many more films for the Hollywood Movie lovers.

Download Bollywood Hindi Movies

Download Bollywood Hindi Movies
Source: Screenshot from Afilmywap

Afilmywap has an extensive collection of Bollywood movies. Almost every Bollywood movies are available on this website for free Download in HD quality for Latest Free HD Bollywood Movies Download online. Most movies are available on Afilmywap site is in HD quality. Some Bollywood movies leaked by this website are like Hyena, I Am Not Blind, and Master etc.

Download Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies

Download Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies
Source: Screenshot from Afilmywap

This infamous website is leaked Hollywood movies and dubbed these movies in Hindi Language and allows the Hindi language visitors to download these movies freely. This free movie download website is affecting the film industry through piracy. If you are a Hollywood movie lover, you must visit this website and explore the vast collection of Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies. Some Hollywood Dubbed Hindi Movies are available on this website are as follows.

  • Azem Hindi All Part
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street Hindi Dubbed All Part
  • Transformers All Part
  • The Hangover Hindi Dubbed All Part
  • Harry Potter All Part
  • Once Upon A Time in China Hindi Dubbed All Parts
  • Back to The Future Hindi Dubbed All Part
  • Pirates of The Caribbean All Parts Hindi Dubbed

Many more movies are also available on this notorious category. You will find all the movies in Hindi Dubbed.

Download South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies

Afilmywap has an extensive collection of South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies for free Download. You can find all the south Indian movies in the Hindi language for free latest South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies Download Online. Some movies in this category are as follows not out (Kanaa), World Famous Lover, Agent Sai and many more South Indian Hindi Dubbed movies for Download without any cost.

Download Animated Hindi Dubbed Movies

This website is also responsible for leaking animated movies and dubbed these animated movies in Hindi for free latest Hindi dubbed animated film download. Some movies available in this category are like Trolls World Tour, Treasure Planet, Boonie Bears, Big Hero 6, and many more animated Hindi Dubbed movies for free downloading.

Download Punjabi movies

Afilmywap website has also managed to leak movies of the north Indian film industry like Punjabi Movies and allow the netizen to download these Punjabi movies freely. Some movies are available of Punjabi language are as follows Carry on Balle Balle, Dhira, Gandhi Fer Aa Gae, and my more movies.

Download Hollywood English Movies

You can also find Hollywood movies in the English language for free Download. Some English Hollywood Movies are available in this website are as follows COVID-21 Lethal Virus, Shadow in The Cloud and more. All movies are available for free Download, and you do not require to register and login to download any of your favourite movies.

Download Marathi Full Movies

You can find most of the latest Marathi Full movies on this notorious website for free Download, and Some Marathi movies are like Kesari, Doctor Doctor, Dhurala, The Disciple and more. You can easily download these Marathi language movies without any cost.

Download Tamil Movies

Afilmywap site also provides movies in the Tamil language for free latest Tamil film download online. Tamil movies which are leak by this website is as follows Asuran, Bigil, Sarkar and many more movies for free Download.

Download Telugu Movies

This free movie download site is also responsible for leaking movies in the Telugu language you can easily download these Telugu Movies freely. Some Telugu films are available in this category: Zombie Reddy, Krack, Master and many more movies for free latest Telugu Movie Download.

Download Malayalam Movies

You can also download Malayalam movies for free. This notorious website has an extensive collection of movies as they can provide movies from every Indian regional language. Malayalam movies are as follows Ente Peru Surya Ente Veedu India, Neerali, Jaya Janaki Nayak and more.

Download Pakistani Full Movies

Apart from Indian movies, this notorious website has also managed to leak movies from the Pakistani film industry. Some Pakistani movies are available on this website are as follows Terry Pray Mein, Dil Tera Hogaya and more.

Download Bhojpuri, Gujrati, Bengali, and Indian TV Shows Full Movies

You can also find Bhojpuri movies, Bengali Gujrati language for free latest movies Download, and You can also search these movies according to their year of release. People can easily download these movies with just some clicks. Bhojpuri movies are available on this website are as follows Main Tera Aashiq, Babbar, Ek Saazish Jaal and more.

Movies leaked by this website

Source: Screenshot from Afilmywap

A large collection of movies leak by this notorious website, it is not easy to provide all movie’s names, but we will provide the title of some recent leaked movies.

  • Alien outbreak
  • Game of thrones
  • Paurashpur
  • Shubh raatri
  • Lovecraft country
  • Wonder woman 1984
  • Shakeela
  • We can be heroes
  • The missing stones
  • Criminal justice
  • Do not disturb
  • Transformer (all part)
  • Harry Potter (all parts)
  • The hunger games
  • Bad boys
  • Pirates of Caribbean
  • Alien outbreak 2020

This website also manages to leak several international actors’ movies, which affects the box-office collection of movies.

Format and quality of movies available on Afilmywap.best website

A large number of qualities of different movies are available on this notorious piracy website for free download. You do not require a login to download any movies.

  • 480P
  • 720P
  • 1080P
  • Blueray
  • WEBRip
  • HDTVRip
  • HDRip

Another illegal website like Afilmywap

There are many piracy websites available on the internet.  Some are as follows:

  • Moviezwap
  • Yes Movies
  • Ice Movies
  • MoviesNinja
  • Prime Flix
  • Sony Crunch
  • Ullu
  • Jio Cine
  • MX Player
  • HDO
  • Zee5
  • Big Flix
  • YouTube
  • SonyLiv
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Movies4u
  • LookMovies

Estimated worth of this website

According to the worthofweb.com, estimated worth of Afilmywap website is $2685. Afilmywap rank globally, according to Alexa.com, is 1374148, which is very good. Movie lovers visit this website frequently, which increases its revenue. It is estimated that the yearly income of this website is $2328. A large number of visitors visit this website per day. Estimated visit per day: 485 Estimated visit per month: 13750 Estimated visit per year: 164880 Estimated page views per day: 2227 Estimated page views per month: 66180 Estimated page views per year: 801720.

Government steps are taken to stop this piracy website.

The government has taken several steps to stop this piracy website, but every step fails to stop them. This website continuously leaks every newly released movie on its online portal. In some countries, watching and downloading piracy movies is not illegal, but this piracy directly or indirectly affects filmmakers and production houses. According to Indian law, it is illegal to record and distribute the movies without any written permission from the original copyright owner. A person is in a piracy business, if authorities catch him/her, he/she can face a jail term of 10 years and face a penalty of ₹ 10 lakhs. Fine and imprisonment depending on the seriousness of the criminal offense.

You can face jail imprisonment and also the penalty for downloading movies from the this website.

According to India’s piracy law, If it is proven in the court of justice, a person intentionally violated or helped someone violate the law and download copyrighted content, movies, and TV series from the Afilmywap website. This violation of law is considered a criminal act. Most movies and TV series contain copyright notice or watermark. This copyright notice and watermark makes it clear that these are copyrighted content. So, the court will punish the offender if they violate the law.

According to Indian piracy law, if a person is convicted of such a type of crime first time, he/she can face a jail term from 6 months to 3 years, with a penalty range between 50 thousand to 2 lakhs ( penalty depend on the seriousness of the crime).

Afilmywap FAQs

What is Afilmywap?

This one is the infamous website for leaking movies mostly in Indian regional languages. They managed to leak most of the super hit movies and upload this movie on their website so the visitors can download movies from this website for free.

As we describe above, this is a piracy website, so it is an illegal website and downloading movies from this piracy website is also unlawful. But in some countries like the USA, it is legal to watch and download movies from any piracy website. Before using and visiting this type of piracy website, read laws for piracy in your region.

No, we always recommend using a legal alternative to piracy website. Legal websites and entertainment apps are safe to use, and this website does also not affect the revenue collection of filmmakers and production houses.

Is it safe to download movies from Afilmywap?

No, it is not safe to visit and download a movie from this website. They can steal your personal information like credit card details and use your credit card details for their illegal activities.

Disclaimer: piracy of any content, movies, and TV shows is a serious crime. Technoguidepro does not aim to support or promote any piracy in any form. According to the piracy act of 1957, piracy is an act of crime, and it is considered a severe crime. This page aims to increase awareness among the common public about piracy law and beware of illegal acts. We heartily requested that the user do not motivate or take part in any piracy.

Source: Screenshot from Afilmywap

Alia Bhatt Joins the Fight Against Piracy.

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