Hdmoviearea 2021: This notorious website responsible for leaking several movies of Hollywood Movies, Bollywood movies, Tamil dubbed movies, Telugu movies and many more. Hdmoviearea allows the visitor to download movies free of cost.

Source: screenshot from HDmoviearea

This website also manages to leak Malayalam movies, Kannada movies and Bengali movies for free movie download on their online portal. Hdmoviearea provides different quality of movies for the netizen. This website mercilessly leaked most of the newly released movies and sometime before their release. Hdmoviearea website does not stop on piracy of movies. They also leaked several web series and TV shows. This illegal website also featured Marathi movies successfully. This notorious website also provides dual audio of movies for free download. Here we describe all about hdmoviearea

All about Hdmoviearea website

 Hdmoviearea 2020 is a piracy website which leaked movies different languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and many more. Hdmoviearea has a large collection of movies on its website. Mostly user downloads Hindi, or south Indian Hindi dubbed movies. Hdmoviearea also provides different movies of Hollywood, web series and TV shows.

Hdmoviearea has a menu where visitors can easily select the quality of movies TV shows and web series and download their favourite movies easily. This website also provides several Hindi dubbed Hollywood movies for free download.

How to download movies from Hdmoviearea website

Hdmoviearea is a piracy website which provides copyrighted content for free. It is unlawful to download movies from such website. Always use VPN for download movies from any piracy website. If you still want to download content from this website then follow these steps.

Source: screenshot from HDmoviearea
  • Change your IP address by downloading and connecting VPN or through a VPN extension.
  • Visit hdmoviearea website
  • Choose category
  • Now it will show the different links of the movie.
  • Click on the link according to quality and size.
  • Click on the download button to start your download.

Hdmoviearea inside India

Piracy of movies and TV shows is illegal in India, the USA, and many other countries. India’s government has banned all piracy and illegal websites like hdmoviearea, Filmy4wap, YTS, Moviespur, Movie counter, Bollyshare, and many other unlawful websites. All measure taken by the Government of India to stop the piracy of movies has failed. To tackle the bans from all over the world hdmoviearea online website keeps systematically switching its domain extension name from .com .is .eu .in, Xyz and many more. 

This supergiant piracy website is continuously leaking movies and tv series. Almost all countries failed to stop leaking movies by hdmoviearea online website and any other website. These types of websites directly affect movies collection.

Movies leaked by HDmoviearea.site

Hdmoviearea leaked several movies in a different language and dubbed these movies in Hindi. This website provides dual audio of Hindi and English. Some of the recently leaked movies are

  • Born of fire
  • A baby sitter’s guide to monster hunter
  • Tenet
  • The croods: a new age
  • Target number one
  • I am woman
  • Skydog
  • TV shows and web series leaked by hdmoviearea.site
  • Mirzapur
  • Mismatch
  • Mank
  • Holidate
  • Delhi crime
  • 6 underground
  • Bird box 
  • Sex education

This infamous website notoriously leaked many more movies TV shows, web series. This website featured most of the Amazon prime series and Netflix.

The popularity of Hdmoviearea website

Source: screenshot from HDmoviearea

Hdmoviearea is much popular like Tamilrockers. According to Alexa website ranking analysis hdmoviearea rank on 10,22,600 globally not changed in 90 days. 86.7% of visitors are from India and 69,938 rankings in India. 35% of visitors come from the search result. Daily page views per visitor are 2.1. Daily time on site per visitor is 1.48 minutes. 

Category of Hdmoviearea website

Hdmoviearea has an extensive collection of Hollywood movies, Bollywood Movies, Tamil movies, and more. You can find every new release of Hollywood movies and Bollywood movies on this website. So, the website owner split these movies according to their genre and category, making it easy for movie lovers to download these movies online from this notorious website. Some categories of movies are as follows.

  • (18+) adult movies
  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Animated movies
  • Comedy
  • Biography
  • Crime 
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • History
  • Horror
  • Size of movies on hdmoviesarea website
  • 100MB movies
  • 300MB movies
  • 500MB movies
  • 1GB movies
  • 2GB movies

Download latest 300MB size movies from the Hdmoviearea website

HDmoviearea website claims to provide movies in 300MB with HD quality. This free movies download site leaks most of the newly released movies on their online portal and allows movie lovers to download these movies without cost. You can find Hollywood 300MB movies, Bollywood 300MB Movies, Tamil 300MB movies Hollywood Hindi dubbed 300MB movies. Recently Hdmoviearea website leaks movies in this category are like The Big day, Don Jon, Duplicity, Alpha, Occupation Rainfall, Blood Lake, Fire, Ice the Dragon Chronicles, etc.

Download latest Hollywood Movies from Hdmoviearea

You can find an extensive collection of movies on the Hdmoviearea website for free latest HD Hollywood movies download online. You can easily find your favorite movies on this notorious website. An extensive collection of Hollywood movies makes this website so popular among movie lovers. This website also has a large number of visitors for free Latest Hollywood movies download. Recently Hdmoviearea website leaks Hollywood movies like Liar Liar, Xico’s Journey, The Two Faces of January, The Big Day, etc.

Download latest HD 18+ movies from Hdmoviearea

Hdmoviearea website also provides 18+ movies. As the website has no restriction for downloading movies, so there are possibilities that minors can also download movies from this notorious website. Some 18+ movies available on this website are as follows PVT Chat, Death race, My Awkward Sexual Adventure, Love Champions, etc.

Download Latest TV Series from the Hdmoviearea website

Apart from movies, this website is also responsible for leaking TV Series. Every English TV Series is available on this website for free Latest TV Series download online. You can find this TV series in HD quality. Some TV series leaked recently through this website are as follows The Big Day, Sorry I Killed You, Space Sweepers, Firely Lane, Kid Cosmic, Finding Ohana, The White Tiger, Fate The Winx saga, Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave, etc.

Download latest Webseries

Hdmoviearea website also provides free latest Webseries on their online website and allows users to download these Webseries for free. This infamous website leaks Webseries from Amazon Prime, Netflix, Ullu, etc. most of the Amazon Prime and Netflix Webseries and shows are available on this notorious website. Recently Hdmoviearea website leaks Webseries like News of the World, Holiday Rush, outside the wire, etc.

Format and quality of movies of this website

This free movies download site also has a range of quality of several movies. You can download your favorite movies according to your available internet data. The format of movies is as follows.

  • 360P
  • 480P
  • 720P
  • 1080P

Another illegal website like this site.

Internet is full of piracy websites, and you can find many piracy websites with a vast collection of movies. Almost every piracy website is free to download and stream movies online. It is no safe to use a piracy website because they can steal your personal information. So, we always recommend to stream and download movies from legal alternatives. You can easily find legal entertainment sites and apps.  Some legal alternatives are

  • Moviezwap
  • Yes Movies
  • Ice Movies
  • MoviesNinja
  • Prime Flix
  • Sony Crunch
  • Ullu
  • Jio Cine
  • MX Player
  • HDO
  • Zee5
  • Big Flix
  • YouTube
  • SonyLiv
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Movies4u
  • LookMovies

The estimated worth of Hdmoviearea

According to the worthofweb.com, the estimated worth of the Hdmoviearea website is $988000. Hdmoviearea rank globally, according to Alexa.com, is 35194, which is very good. Movie lovers visit this website frequently, which increases its revenue. It is estimated that the yearly income of this website is $250560. A large number of visitors visit this website per day. Estimated visit per day: 46463 Estimated visit per month: 1393890 Estimated visit per year: 16726680 Estimated page views per day: 232151 Estimated page views per month: 6964530 Estimated page views per year: 83574360.

Government measure is taken to stop piracy.

To stop the piracy of movies in the country, the government has taken many steps. According to the cinematography act 2019, It is illegal to record any movies without producers’ written consent. If any individual recording movies without any written permission from the producer, he/she can face jail for up to 3 years. He/she can also face a penalty of Rs 10 lakhs. A person providing, circulating, and distributing pirated content on any illegal website can also face jail.

You can face a jail term or a fine for downloading a movie illegally.

As per, piracy law of India. If it is proven in the court of justice that a person intentionally violated or helped anyone violate the law and download copyrighted content, movies, and TV series from hdmoviearea free online movie portals. This violation of law is considered a criminal act. Most movies and TV series contain copyright notice or watermark, making it clear that these are copyrighted content. So, the court will punish the culprits if they infringed the law.

According to Indian law, if a person is convicted of such a type of crime first time, he/she can face a jail term from 6 months to 3 years, with a penalty range between 50 thousand to 2 lakhs ( penalty depend on the seriousness of the crime).

Hdmoviesarea FAQs

What is Hdmoviearea?

This is the piracy website. Several websites like this, but Hdmoviearea are famous among movie lovers because they provide many movies for free download. Almost every newly releases movies in the theatre are available on this website for the users. Hdmoviearea is a piracy website, so this website does not charge any subscriptions and charges.

Different country has different laws for piracy some county allow downloading movies from this piracy website. Some country-restricted this website for downloading movies, and in some countries, watching and downloading pirated films is a criminal offense. Before visiting any piracy website, make under your country and regional law for piracy.

Hdmoviearea is safe or not?

It is not safe to visit any piracy website because they can steal your personal information through hacking.

How this website affecting the film industry?

This piracy website provides copyrighted movies for free on their website. Making movies require effort and money, and the Hdmoviearea website distributes these movies for free. This increases the loss of revenue for the film industry.

What language movies are available on this website?

Hdmoviearea website provides Hindi language movies. This site also dubbed Hollywood movies in Hindi. You can download these Hollywood movies without any cost.

Why do people like using Hdmoviearea website?

An extensive collection of latest Hollywood Hindi Dubbed movies make this website so popular among the netizen. The website interface is also simple. It is also easy to download and stream movies online. A vast collection of Hollywood Hindi dubbed movies in HD quality make this website so famous.

Is the Hdmoviearea website not working?

As Hdmoviearea is an illegal piracy website, so the government blocks this piracy website. Suppose you find this website not working you mat visit another website. There are hundreds of piracy websites on the internet, which offers free latest HD movies, download online. Pirated website changes its domain extension name to tackle the bans and continue their illegal activities.

Can I stream movies on Hdmoviearea website?

No, you cannot stream movies from Hdmoviearea website. You can only download your desire movies from this notorious website.

Who can use Hdmoviearea website?

Anyone can use this website from any age group, country and region. People from all over the world can visit and download movies from this infamous website, and There is not any restriction. You are free to download all the movies from this website.

How long will it take to download movies from this website?

Your downloading time of movies depends on the size of movies and your internet speed, and if you have moderate internet speed, you can download a 1GB size movie within 5 minutes.

Can someone hack my system if I download movies from this website?

There are possibilities because we don’t know who is behind this website. They may be hackers and can also hack your system. They can also steal your personal information like credit card details. It is also illegal to download movies from a piracy website.

Is Hdmoviearea free?

Yes, this website is free to visit and download movies. You can download as many movies as you can. There is nothing to pay on HDmoviearea website. You also do not require to login and signup to download any movies from this website.

I am a minor. Can I download movies from HDmoviearea?

Yes, you can not only use but also download your desire movies from this website. The website has no restriction for any age group to download movies from this piracy website.

Can I use Hdmoviearea on my mobile phone?

Hdmoviearea is a mobile-friendly website. You can easily visit and download movies from your Smartphone. Even you do not have any laptop. You can download movies from this website. This website also provides a tutorial for How to download movies from this website.

Source: screenshot from HDmoviearea

Disclaimer: piracy of any content, movies, and TV shows is a serious crime. Technoguidepro does not aim to support or promote any piracy in any form.According to the piracy act of 1957, piracy is an act of crime and is considered a serious crime. This page aims to increase awareness among the common public about piracy law and beware of illegal acts. We heartily requested that the user do not motivate or take part in any piracy.


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