Teluguwap is a song downloading site especially Telugu Songs in MP3 and MP4 format. You can find every Telugu song on this website. Many legal apps and entertainment sites also offer songs download, but they charged fees and subscription.

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Telugu songs lover, who does not want to pay they use this piracy website. Telugu songs are best for dancing and heroism sequence, and most songs are energetic. Some years ago this website was most popular among the Telugu Songs Lover. You can download free Telugu Songs from your mobile, Many song artists and music composer filed a complaint against this piracy song website, But the government fails to stop them from piracy. Teluguwap website has an extensive collection of Telugu Songs in MP3 and MP4 for free download.

About Teluguwap website

Teluguwap is a notorious song leaking site, and this website is one of the oldest websites for Telugu Songs free download. Songs lovers can download songs and enjoy them offline, and This song piracy website has affected many artists’ career and affects the revenue collection or royalty of the songs.

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Teluguwap website is also responsible for leaking Tamil tracks songs on their website and allowing users to download it free. You do not require to pay any fees or login and register. You can easily download movies from this song piracy website. Government bans this website because providing and using copyrighted songs and movies is an illegal activity. Teluguwap gradually changes its domain extension name and continue their illegal activities. This website mercilessly leaks songs of many Telugu Singers like mangli, Sohel, Krishna guni and many more. Its homepage featured with latest leaked Telugu songs.

Categories of songs on Teluguwap website

You can find an extensive collection of songs on this website, like Dj, Love, Sad, and more, they divided these songs according to their genre and category.

  • Telugu Movies Songs
  • New Telugu Songs
  • Telugu Ringtones
  • latest Telugu hit Songs Collection.
  • Telugu Love Songs
  • Telugu DJ Songs

Download Telugu movie songs

Teluguwap website has a vast collection of songs for the Telugu Songs lover. People can also download these songs without any cost. This free songs download site also managed to leaks songs of Telugu movies. You can easily download these Telugu movies songs with just some clicks. Recently Teluguwap leaks some Telugu Movie songs like

  • Rendu Kannultho ( dil Se) (Shreya Ghoshal)
  • My Name Iju Raju (Chaavu Kaburu Challanga) (Revanth)
  • Dheemthana Dheemthana ( Sashi) Haricharan)
  • Eswara ( Uppena) (DSP)
  • Amma Nannu Mallee Penchava ( Rishon Rubens, Anup Rubens )
  • Jala Jala Jalapaatham ( upenna ) ( JAspreet Jasz, Shreya Ghoshal)
  • Agony of Sundari  ( lakshmi Meghana, Suresh Bobbili)
  • Nailu Nadi (www) (Sid Sriram, Kalyani Nair)

Download Telugu DJ songs

Apart from classic Melodies, you can also find DJ Remix songs for free download. all Telugu Dj songs are available on this free songs to download site. Some songs are as follows.

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  • KGF Chapter 2 TRAP BGM Telugu DJ
  • Folk Trending Telugu DJ Na Song (Dj baba)
  • KGF Rocky Bhai VS Maari Bhai (Dialogue with Beats) (Lucky DJ)
  • Butta Burma (Remix)
  • Yeh Chikitha Telugu DJ Remix
  • Nee Kannu neeli Samudram Dj remix
  • Nadhi necklaces Golsulu DJ Naa
  • Theenmaar Congo Beat with Nagara

Download Telugu Ringtones

Apart from video songs and MP3, this site is also responsible for providing Telegu ringtones for the netizen. You can find an extensive collection of ringtones on this notorious website for free download.

Download Telugu Love songs

People searching for Telugu love songs, and then they must visit this website to download an extensive collection of Telugu love songs download.

Songs leaked by this website

Teluguwap has every single Telugu songs on its website for the netizen for free download. You can easily download your favourite and latest free video Telugu songs. Some leaked songs by this website are as follows.

free Telugu Songs Download website
Source: Screenshot from Teluguwap
  • Ladi Ladi
  • Nirmala Bomma
  • KGF Chapter 2 TRAP BGM Telugu DJ Remix
  • Alludu Adhurs
  • Journey of Stylish Star Allu Arjun
  • Go Corona
  • Chitti
  • Nadhila nadhila
  • Padipoya
  • Master
  • Folk Trending DJ Telugu Remix
  • Dhaga Dhaga
  • Nee Kannu Neeli Samudram Cover

There are many more Telugu songs available on this website for free download. You can explore them, but we always recommend to find a legal alternative of piracy website. Because Teluguwap is a piracy website and it is illegal to visit and download songs from piracy website like Teluguwap.

Another illegal website like Teluguwap

Internet is full of piracy websites. You can download your desire movies, Webseries and songs from this piracy website, but remember by using this piracy website indirectly, and you are helping, encouraging and motivating them to continue their illegal activities. Visiting and downloading movies and songs are the main reason for piracy of copyrighted movies and songs.

There is much more piracy website which provides newly released movies for free download. You can also explore them and download your favorite songs and movies for free latest HD movies download online. But we always recommend watching and downloading movies from a legal alternative. If you are using a piracy website, then you are indirectly supporting these piracy websites.

As we describe above, we always recommend legal alternatives to piracy websites, so these are legal alternatives.

  • Moviezwap
  • Yes Movies
  • Ice Movies
  • MoviesNinja
  • Prime Flix
  • Sony Crunch
  • Ullu
  • Jio Cine
  • MX Player
  • HDO
  • Zee5
  • Big Flix
  • YouTube
  • SonyLiv
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Movies4u
  • LookMovies

The estimated worth of Teluguwap

According to the, the estimated value of Teluguwap website is $141. Teluguwap rank globally, according to, is 7261408, which is very good. Movie lovers visit this website frequently, which increases its revenue. It is estimated that the yearly income of this website is $156. A large number of visitors visit this website per day. Estimated visit per day: 39 Estimated visit per month: 1170 Estimated visit per year: 14040 Estimated page views per day: 167 Estimated page views per month: 5010 Estimated page views per year: 60120.

Teluguwap FAQs

What is the Teluguwap website?

Teluguwap is an illegal song piracy website, and this website is responsible for leaking Telugu movies on their website for free download. People love to listen to Telugu songs for their DJ and music. This free songs downloading site also allow the user to download these songs freely.

What language are Songs available on this website?

Telugu website mainly leaks Telugu songs like Telugu Pop Songs, Telugu DJ Songs, Telugu remix, Telugu MP3 songs, Telugu Video songs, etc.

Why do people like using the Teluguwap website?

Telugu songs lover mostly like this website for song download. These songs lover can easily download their favorite songs from this website, and you can also download songs from YouTube so, why you are using a piracy website. People can legally download songs from several legal websites.

Is the Teluguwap website not working?

Teluguwap is a piracy website, so government blocks this website. When you visit this website, you may find the URL not working. The website owners buy a new domain and continue their illegal activities.

Can I stream songs on the Teluguwap website?

This facility is not available on the Teluguwap website. You can use YouTube to stream songs online.

Who can use Teluguwap?

Anyone can use this notorious website for free song download. There is no restriction of country and region, or age group. People of any age group can use this website and download their favorite Telugu songs.

How long will it take to download Songs from this website?

You can download songs in a minute. You can easily find most of the new songs on its homepage.

Can someone hack my system if I download movies from this website?

As we describe above, Teluguwap is an illegal piracy website. So they can hack your system and steal your personal information like credit card details. We always recommend using a paid subscription or a legal entertainment site and apps for downloading your desire songs.

Is Teluguwap free?

This free songs download site is free to use and download Telugu video songs and MP3 songs. You can easily download any of the Telugu Songs to enjoy offline.

How much is Teluguwap monthly revenue?

It is readily not available that how much Teluguwap earns per month. It will depend on the number of visitors and also the concentration of ads and CPC.

I am a minor. Can I download movies from Teluguwap?

Yes, there you use this website as there is no restriction for any age group to download songs. You can explore this piracy website but always remembers that Teluguwap is an illegal piracy website, and using a pirated is considered a criminal offense.

Can I use Teluguwap on my mobile phone?

Yes, the website owner knows that most people have Smartphones, so they develop this website as mobile-friendly. You can easily visit this notorious website from mobile phones and download your favorite songs.

How to safely access this website?

If you want to be safe, then don’t visit any piracy website. You must use a paid subscription or a legal entertainment site and apps to enjoy your favorite songs. We don’t know the website’s source, so; it is not safe to use this piracy website. If you still want to use this website to fulfill your curiosity, use a VPN that can hide your IP address. The cybercrime department cannot track you if you hide your IP address.

Is any age limit can use the Teluguwap website?

Yes, people from any age group can download movies from the Teluguwap website. There is no restriction for downloading songs for minors or adults. It is also effortless to download songs from this piracy website. In a matter of minutes, you can download your favorite songs.

Why is the Teluguwap website famous among song lovers?

Teluguwap website provides songs just after their release and some time before their release in the theatre. You can download most of the new songs and album Song; Remix songs all on one website.

Is downloading songs illegal or uploading songs illegal?

Both are illegal. Uploading a song on this website is not possible and downloading songs is possible. According to the piracy law downloading and circulation of pirated content is illegal and considered a criminal offense.

Is it safe to download songs from Teluguwap website?

It is not safe to visit and download movies on this infamous website because we don’t know the website owner and who is behind this piracy website. They may be hackers and can hack your system. They can also steal your data and personal information. Stay away from this type of notorious piracy website.

Why should you not visit and download movies from Teluguwap website?

As we describe above, this free songs download site allows the visitors to download pirated movies, and the law prohibits that. Every country has its piracy law. In some countries, you can face jail terms and also face a massive penalty.

Can I face jail for downloading movies from Teluguwap?

As we know, Teluguwap is an illegal piracy website. Downloading and circulating copyright content is also criminal activity. According to the piracy law, you can face a jail term of up to 10 years, depending on the crime’s seriousness. You may also face a huge penalty of up to 20lakhs. It is illegal to watch and download pirated content from any illicit website piracy.  Before visiting such a website, always read piracy law in your region and country.

Can I get HD quality video songs from Teluguwap website?

Yes, you can download the latest HD video songs for free. You can also download MP3 songs from this website and enjoy them offline.

It is illegal to watch and download MP3 songs and video songs from the Teluguwap website.  If you want to stream songs and mp3, then visit a legal alternative like YouTube, Gaana, etc. you can easily access these legal alternatives.

What are the alternatives to the Teluguwap website?

There are many legal and illegal alternatives to the Teluguwap website for movies, Webseries, and songs download.  You can easily access this free movie and song download website, but these pirated websites are considered illegal. You can use a legal entertainment site.

How soon Teluguwap website uploads new songs?

This notorious website uploads the new songs on the same day of releasing the songs, which also affect the songs’ earning potential and ruin the career of several singers and music composer.

How many songs can I upload at the same time?

You can download as many as you can. There is no restriction for downloading the number of songs. If you download a large number of songs, this may slow your downloading speed. Otherwise, you can down a vast collection of songs at the same time.

Can I upload songs on this website?

You can’t upload a song on this website. The only website owner has access to upload video songs and MP3. You can only download your favorite songs from this website.

Disclaimer: piracy of any content, movies, and TV shows is a severe crime. Technoguidepro does not aim to support or promote any piracy in any form. According to the piracy act of 1957, piracy is an act of crime, and it is considered a severe offence. This page aims to increase awareness among the common public about piracy law and beware of illegal acts. We heartily requested that the user do not motivate or take part in any piracy.

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